2015-06-10 02:39

os.File Write()线程安全吗?


I was wondering if calling Write() on an os.File is thread safe. I'm having a hard time finding any mention of thread safety in the docs.

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  • duancanjiu3754 duancanjiu3754 6年前

    The convention (at least for the standard library) is the following: No function/method is safe for concurrent use unless explicitly stated (or obvious from the context).

    It is not safe to write concurrently to an os.File via Write() without external synchronization.

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  • dongpa5277 dongpa5277 6年前

    After browsing the source code a little bit I found the following method which is eventually called by file.Write(). Since there are race condition checks in place, I'm assuming that the call is in fact not thread-safe within Go (Source).

    However, it seemed unlikely that those system calls wouldn't be thread-safe on an OS level. After some browsing I came upon this interesting answer that fueled my suspicions even more. For windows the source indicates a call to WriteFile which also appears to be thread safe.

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