2015-04-28 06:50
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In my use case, I would like to know how the following Java code would be implemented in Go

BigInteger base = new BigInteger("16");
int exponent = 1;
BigInteger a = base.pow(exponent); //16^1 = 16

I am able to import the math/big package and create big integers, but not able to do Pow() function in Go. Also I don't find the function in the Go doc.

Do I have to implement my own version of Pow() for bigint? Could anyone help me on this?

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  BigInteger base = new BigInteger(“ 16”); 
int指数= 1; 
BigInteger a = base.pow(指数);  // 16 ^ 1 = 16 

我可以导入 math / big 包并创建大整数,但无法 在Go中执行 Pow()函数。 另外,我在Go doc 中找不到该函数。 \ n

我是否必须为bigint实现自己的 Pow()版本? 有人可以帮我吗?

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  • douao8204 2015-04-28 06:54

    Use Exp with m set to nil.

    var i, e = big.NewInt(16), big.NewInt(2)
    i.Exp(i, e, nil)
    fmt.Println(i) // Prints 256

    Playground: http://play.golang.org/p/0QFbNHEsn5

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