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using redigo, I create a pool, something like so:

    MaxIdle:   80,
    MaxActive: 12000, // max number of connections
    Dial: func() (redis.Conn, error) {
        c, err := redis.Dial("tcp", host+":"+port)
        if err != nil {
        return c, err

the problem I have is that for each time I get a new connection, I need to set the db, as I use different db's of redis since I host a number of sites on the VPS.

So, something like this:

conn := pool.Get()
defer conn.Close()

conn.Do("SELECT", dbNumber)  //this is the call I want to avoid

Having to select the db each time I work with redis seems redundant and also poses a problem since I use it for sessions i.e. having code that is not mine working with my redis connection from my pool makes it "impossible" to set the correct db for it.

What I would like to do is to set the dbno for the pool so that whenever somebody asks for a new connection from the pool, it comes with the correct db already set i.e. not setting it explicitly each time.

How did you solve this in your applications?


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