2014-09-11 10:52



I cross compiled my Go source code to Arm to run in Android .The program runs in the terminal in the Android device, but I get an error saying that /etc/resolv.conf is missing. My program heavily relies on the net/http library in making http calls.

How can I handle this error in Android?

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  • duandou8120 duandou8120 7年前

    As of right now you can't use the built in net/http to connect to hostnames, check this issue.

    There are few workarounds you could use.

    1. generate /etc/resolv.conf on your program start if you have root access, ugly but easy and simple.

    2. store resolv.conf somewhere and patch to use that custom path.

    3. patch $GOROOT/src/pkg/net/dnsconfig_unix.go to get the nameservers by executing getprop net.dns1 and getprop net.dns2.

    4. implement the full patch at

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