2019-03-06 01:09
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Is there a simple way in Go to check whether given JSON is either an Object {} or array []?

The first thing that comes to mind is to json.Unmarshal() into an interface, and then see if it becomes a map, or a slice of maps. But that seems quite inefficient.

Could I just check if the first byte is a { or a [? Or is there a better way of doing this that already exists.

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Go中是否有一种简单的方法来检查给定的JSON是否为Object {} 或数组 []

首先想到的是将 json.Unmarshal()插入接口,然后 然后查看它是否成为地图或地图切片。 但这似乎效率很低。

我可以检查一下第一个字节是 {还是 []吗? 还是有一种更好的方法可以做到这一点?

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  • duancuan7057 2019-03-06 01:40

    Use the following the following to detect if JSON text in the []byte value data is an array or object:

     // Get slice of data with optional leading whitespace removed.
     // See RFC 7159, Section 2 for the definition of JSON whitespace.
     x := bytes.TrimLeft(data, " \t
     isArray := len(x) > 0 && x[0] == '['
     isObject := len(x) > 0 && x[0] == '{'

    This snippet of code handles optional leading whitespace and is more efficient than unmarshalling the entire value.

    Because the top-level value in JSON can also be a number, string, boolean or nil, it's possible that isArray and isObject both evaluate to false. The values isArray and isObject can also evaluate to false when the JSON is invalid.

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