2015-06-26 15:45



I want to develop Go use pycharm. My golang version is 1.4.2.And my pycharm version is 4.5.2.My operating system is Mac OSX 10.10.3.I have configured the GOROOT and GOPATH on my Mac.Like the pictures: enter image description here

I download the golang plugin from this url. But when I installed the plugin and restart pycharm, the IDE show me that no gopath and goroot. The messages:

enter image description here

what's wrong?

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  • dongmou2389 dongmou2389 6年前

    Install the latest pre-release build of the new golang IDEA plugin. There's been a lot of work recently on it by two Jetbrains employees and it's gotten much better than the currently released version.

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  • download2565 download2565 5年前

    Create environment vairiables gopath and goroot.

    For example,

    export GOPATH='goHomePath'
    export GOROOT='< goRootPath >'
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