2016-05-14 09:29
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您可以在Golang中使用SQLite ATTACH和DETACH吗

I am using https://github.com/mattn/go-sqlite3 in a Golang application. I need to use multiple databases, and was wondering whether I can use ATTACH and DETACH in Golang (http://sqlite.org/lang_attach.html).

I don't have any code right now, because I don't know how else to tackle this problem except creating two database connections and joining data in the application:

db1, err := sql.Open("sqlite3", "./db1.db")

db2, err := sql.Open("sqlite3", "./db2.db")

// query db1 and db2
// put into map
// join data

It would be much easier if you could use:

attach database database1.db as db1;
attach database database2.db as db2;

  db1.SomeTable a
    inner join 
  db2.SomeTable b on b.SomeColumn = a.SomeColumn;

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我正在使用 https://github.com/mattn/go-sqlite3 在Golang应用程序中。 我需要使用多个数据库,并且想知道是否可以在Golang中使用ATTACH和DETACH( http://sqlite.org /lang_attach.html )。

我现在没有任何代码,因为除了创建两个数据库连接并加入连接之外,我不知道如何解决此问题 应用程序中的数据:

  db1,err:= sql.Open(“ sqlite3”,“ ./db1.db")

db2,err:= sql。 打开(“ sqlite3”,“ ./ db2.db”)
 \  n 


select \  n * 
 db1.SomeTable a 
 db2.someTable b在b.SomeColumn = a.SomeColumn; 
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  • dongshi6528 2016-05-14 11:24

    You can attach a database, you would do it in SQL after opening the first database (omit error check for brevity):

    db1, err := sql.Open("sqlite3", "./db1.db")
    defer db1.Close()
    s := "attach database '/path/to/db2.db' as db2;"
    _, err = db.Exec(s)
    s = `select *
         from db1.SomeTable a
         inner join db2.SomeTable b on b.SomeColumn = a.SomeColumn; `
    results, err := db.Query(s)
    defer results.Close()
    //process results ...
    _, err = db.Exec("detach database db2;")
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