2017-05-20 12:51
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how can I convert type []string to []rune?

I know you can do it like this:
but is there a better way?

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如何将类型 [] string 转换为 [] rune

<代码> [] rune(strings.Join(array,“”)) < br> 但有更好的方法吗?

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  • duanfeng3879 2017-05-20 14:28

    I would prefer not to use strings.Join(array,"") for this purpose because it builds one big new string I don't need. Making a big string I don't need is not space-efficient, and depending on input and hardware it may not be time-efficient.

    So instead I would iterate through the array of string values and convert each string to a rune slice, and use the built-in variadic append function to grow my slice of all rune values:

    var allRunes []rune
    for _, str := range array {
        allRunes = append(allRunes, []rune(str)...)
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