2014-10-28 05:03
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I Am trying to install "goinstall github.com/alloy-d/goauth " but it is not working. giving the following error.

goinstall github.com/alloy-d/goauth

'goinstall' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

And I tried with the git clone also but it is not creating exact structure.

git clone git://github.com/alloy-d/goauth

am installing it in the "$GOPATH"

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我正在尝试安装“ goinstall github.com/alloy-d/goauth”,但无法正常工作。 出现以下错误。

  goinstall github.com/alloy-d/goauth

operable程序或 批处理文件。

我也尝试了git clone,但它没有创建确切的结构。

   git clone git://github.com/alloy-d/goauth 

am将其安装在“ $ GOPATH”

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  • drtoaamk20278
    drtoaamk20278 2014-10-28 06:31

    To be clear, goinstall used to exist (now "go get").

    As explained in "Configuration versus convention":

    Over the last few years we consistently reminded people about the goinstall command (now replaced by go get) and its conventions:

    • first, that the import path is derived in a known way from the URL of the source code;
    • second, that the place to store the sources in the local file system is derived in a known way from the import path;
    • third, that each directory in a source tree corresponds to a single package;
    • and fourth, that the package is built using only information in the source code. Today, the vast majority of packages follow these conventions.

    So you will find old tutorial using "goinstall".

    In your case though, go get and then go install would work better.
    Or go install -v github.com/alloy-d/goauth to see the details (the names of packages as they are compiled).

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