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I am trying to build a micro-services architecture project in Go. I am currently using Go 1.11 which supports modules, so I put my root directory in an arbitrary chosen directory, outside of GOPATH.

If I am getting the micro-services architecture concepts right, although my microservices need to be independent, they can share dependencies (and I don't see another way to do stuff, is it?)

Below is my directory structure:

├── go.mod
├── lambda
│   └── account_create
│       └── main.go
├── readme.md
└── types
    ├── account.go
    ├── location.go
    ├── order.go
    ├── pricing.go
    ├── product.go
    └── types.go

Now the behavior I expected was to be able to run go build lambda/account_create and get an executable with that functionality so I can supply it to the respective AWS Lambda function.

However, when I run the command, I get:

can't load package: package lambda/account_create: unknown import path "lambda/account_create": cannot find module providing package lambda/account_create

Please explain me why this does not work and give me some advice on how a project like this should look.

Thank you very much!

Edit Here is my lambda/account_create/main.go file contents:

package account_create

import (

func main() {
    account := types.UserAccount{Name: "Victor"}
    fmt.Printf("Welcome %s", account.Name)
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