2019-03-02 12:08



I'm creating a CRUD program using Go and I have quite a big struct with over 70 fields that I want to add to a MySQL database.

I was wondering if there's a way to automatically map the struct into my database so I wouldn't have to create the table manually and it would just copy my struct?

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  • dongyue110702 dongyue110702 2年前

    I haven't found a way to totally automate that process, but atleast you can create them using tags and only a little bit of code.

    Workarround example:

    There are some github projects in the wild, which help you to achieve this.

    For example structable

    You'd have to add tags to your structs members.

    Example from github:

    type Stool struct {
      Id         int    `stbl:"id, PRIMARY_KEY, AUTO_INCREMENT"`
      Legs   int    `stbl:"number_of_legs"`
      Material string `stbl:"material"`
      Ignored  string // will not be stored. No tag.

    When you have that part, you can create the table like in the following example (also from the github page)

    stool := new(Stool)
    stool.Material = "Wood"
    db := getDb() // Get a sql.Db. You're on  the hook to do this part.
    // Create a new structable.Recorder and tell it to
    // bind the given struct as a row in the given table.
    r := structable.New(db, "mysql").Bind("test_table", stool)
    // This will insert the stool into the test_table.
    err := r.Insert()
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