2014-05-19 10:29
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Given swap, a function that returns multiple values, and supposing it's part of some API I can't modify:

package main

import "fmt"

func swap(x, y string) (string, string) {
    return y, x

func main() {
    a, b := swap("hello", "world")
    fmt.Println(a, b)

Is it possible to use swap function and get only the first returned value, discarding the second one? I tried this:

func main() {
    a, b := swap("hello", "world")

ERROR: prog.go:10: b declared and not used [process exited with non-zero status]

And this is not possible too:

a := swap("hello", "world")

ERROR: prog.go:10: multiple-value swap() in single-value context

How to deal with functions that return multiple values when I don't need all the returned parts?

Code is based on "A tour of go - lesson 9"

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给出 swap ,该函数返回多个值,并假定它是某些API的一部分 我无法修改:

import“ fmt” 
func swap(x,y string)(string,string){
返回y  ,x 
func main(){
a,b:= swap(“ hello”,“ world”)

是否可以使用 swap 函数并仅获取第一个返回值,而丢弃第二个值? 我试过这个:

  func main(){
a,b:= swap(“ hello”,“ world”)
错误:prog.go:10:已声明且未使用b [进程以非零状态退出] 

而且这也是不可能的:< / p>

  a:= swap(“ hello”,“ world”)


代码基于“ 游学入门-第9课

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  • dongmian8108 2014-05-19 10:33

    Use the blank identifier _:

    a, _ := swap("hello", "world")

    Everything assigned to the blank identifier is silently discarded without a warning being raised. You can also use the blank identifier to add padding to structures:

    struct {
        a byte
        b byte
        c byte
        _ byte // padding

    Another usage of the blank identifier is to discard return values when initializing global variables:

    var foo, _ = foo.NewFoo() // ignore error returned by NewFoo()

    And when only one value of a range is required:

    for _, v := range mySlice { }
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