2015-11-19 04:12
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Golang MongoDB(mgo)查找反射错误

With the following code

func (s Store) Lookup(department string, number string) (*types.Course, error) {
    var result *types.Course
    err := s.collection.Find(bson.M{
        "department":    department,
        "course_number": number,

    if err != nil {
        switch err {
        case mgo.ErrNotFound:
            return nil, ErrNotFound
            return nil, ErrInternal

    return result, nil

I came across the error:

reflect: reflect.Value.Set using unaddressable value

If I change the first line from var result *types.Course to result := &types.Course{} there is no error. What exactly is the difference between these two?

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