dousongqiang2585 2017-08-03 15:19
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Currently I am having an issue related to assign a Golang variable to a Javascript variable. I am using the Golang templates, so, from the backend I sent a JSON variable, just like this:

 var c []models.C
 b, _ := json.Marshal(c)
 err = tpl.ExecuteTemplate(w, "index.gohtml",string(b))

As you see, I have a slice, convert it to Json and then that Json to string, and send it to the template. Then, in the frontend I need to assign that to a variable, and it should be valid JSON, I have this:

var rowData = {{.}};

But, I am getting SyntaxError: expected property name, got '{'

So, my question is: How should I assign that JSON?

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  • drkbpwk609294 2017-08-03 15:26

    First, you must use the html/template instead of text/template, as the former provides context-sensitive escaping.

    Second, in the template the context must be clear that it is JavaScript code, e.g. it must be inside HTML <script> tag.

    See this working example:

    type Point struct {
        Name string
        X, Y int
    func main() {
        t := template.Must(template.New("").Parse(src))
        p := Point{"Center", 100, 200}
        pj, err := json.Marshal(p)
        if err != nil {
        if err = t.Execute(os.Stdout, string(pj)); err != nil {
    const src = `<script>
    var point = {{.}};

    Output (try it on the Go Playground):

    var point = "{\"Name\":\"Center\",\"X\":100,\"Y\":200}";

    As you can see, the point JavaScript variable contains a valid JSON text, properly escaped.

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