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Although Go language allows to run multiple test files in a sequence by using the command $go test packagename ,

is there a way to control this sequence using a textfile.

Like for eg: textfile should just contain the names of all the testcase files to be run in a sequence so that the user just modify this textfile to run the desirable testcases

like $go test textfile.txt Is there a way of customizing in this way?

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    dpkrbe395930 dpkrbe395930 2014-08-20 05:57

    The go test command allows you to specify test functions to run using go test <regex>. You could, for example, write a little bash script or alias:

    FILE=$1 # first argument
    cat $FILE | while read regex; do # read file one line at a time
        go test "$regex"

    and then you could do ./ testFuncs.txt, for example.

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