I have a rest api I built in Go with gin that has been working for months now on my local machine running 1.12.1. I decided it was going to a docker deploy so I started building with 1.12.6 when I started see errors during module retrieval. I went back to my local machine, ran running 1.12.1 and ran go clean -modcache, now the error is there as well. I've tried regenerating multiple times even editing the go.sum file to different versions of gofight but I'm lost and run out of ideas.

The output w/error:

go: github.com/appleboy/gofight@v2.0.0+incompatible: go.mod has post-v2 module path "github.com/appleboy/gofight/v2" at revision v2.0.0
go: error loading module requirements


module go-hybrid-alert

go 1.12

require (
    cloud.google.com/go v0.37.0
    firebase.google.com/go v3.6.0+incompatible
    github.com/Luzifer/go-openssl v2.0.0+incompatible
    github.com/PuerkitoBio/goquery v1.5.0
    github.com/antchfx/htmlquery v1.0.0 // indirect
    github.com/antchfx/xmlquery v1.0.0 // indirect
    github.com/antchfx/xpath v0.0.0-20190129040759-c8489ed3251e // indirect
    github.com/appleboy/gin-jwt v0.0.0-20190216100112-ca1084e5d5a2
    github.com/gin-contrib/sse v0.0.0-20190301062529-5545eab6dad3 // indirect
    github.com/gin-gonic/gin v1.3.0
    github.com/go-redis/redis v6.15.2+incompatible
    github.com/gobwas/glob v0.2.3 // indirect
    github.com/gocolly/colly v1.2.0
    github.com/kennygrant/sanitize v1.2.4 // indirect
    github.com/kisielk/godepgraph v0.0.0-20181003180210-9a9a3d47fba3 // indirect
    github.com/levigross/grequests v0.0.0-20190130132859-37c80f76a0da // indirect
    github.com/mattn/go-isatty v0.0.7 // indirect
    github.com/mitchellh/mapstructure v1.1.2
    github.com/saintfish/chardet v0.0.0-20120816061221-3af4cd4741ca // indirect
    github.com/temoto/robotstxt v0.0.0-20180810133444-97ee4a9ee6ea // indirect
    github.com/ugorji/go/codec v0.0.0-20190316083543-95c34d148dff // indirect
    golang.org/x/crypto v0.0.0-20190313024323-a1f597ede03a
    golang.org/x/net v0.0.0-20190313220215-9f648a60d977
    google.golang.org/api v0.2.0
    gopkg.in/dgrijalva/jwt-go.v3 v3.2.0 // indirect
    gopkg.in/go-playground/validator.v8 v8.18.2 // indirect

go.sum (the line for the module in question, posting the whole thing exceeds SO post length)

github.com/appleboy/gofight v2.0.0+incompatible/go.mod h1:H/tvof1oZHnZdlBd+AeODZGkk1C+D2na0NXr0iXuZHA=

I've also tried adjusting the go 1.12 statement in go.mod for the specific subversions I'm attempting to build with but that had no effect.

What does this error mean? How can I fix it?


许多软件包已过时,主要的解决方法是为gin-jwt运行新的安装命令, go get github .com / appleboy / gin-jwt / v2 </ code> </ p>

最终,尽管我只是对我的 go.mod </ code>和 go.sum </ n>进行了修改 代码>,并在Goland IDE中进行了全新的同步。 一切都在1.12 + </ p>
</ div>上运行



A number of packages were outdated, the main fix was to run the new install command for gin-jwt, go get github.com/appleboy/gin-jwt/v2

Ultimately though I just nuked my go.mod and go.sum and did a fresh sync in Goland IDE. Everything is working on 1.12+

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