2019-01-09 20:25
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如何防止PostgreSQL JSON / JSONB字段中的SQL注入?

How can I prevent SQL injection attacks in Go while using "database/sql"?

This solves the single value field problem because you can remove the quotes, but I can't do that filtering a JSON/JSONB field, like in the following because the $1 is considered a string:

`SELECT * FROM foo WHERE bar @> '{"baz": "$1"}'`

The following works but it's prone to SQL Injection:

`SELECT * FROM foo WHERE bar @> '{"baz": "` + "qux" + `"}'`

How do I solve this?

EDITED after @mkopriva's comment:

How would I build this json [{"foo": $1}] with the jsonb_* functions? Tried the below without success:

jsonb_build_array(0, jsonb_build_object('foo', $1::text))::jsonb

There's no sql error. The filter just doesn't work. There's a way that I can check the builded sql? I'm using the database/sql native lib.

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