douzhanjia0773 2015-02-24 06:46
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It seems the repository has moved from to

I'm trying to build gore but it cannot found the astutil, I have the workaround to get it compiled:

mkdir $GOPATH/src/
ln -s $GOPATH/src/ $GOPATH/src/

but is this the correct way to fix this?

I've tried to remove the x/tools directory and fetch it again, using this command:

rm -rf $GOPATH/src/ 
go get -u -v

but astutil still on the same directory (x/tools/go/astutil) instead of x/tools/go/ast/astutil

I've tried to go get -u -v but it seems not working:

Parsing meta tags from
(status code 200)
get "": found meta tag
main.metaImport{Prefix:"", VCS:"git", RepoRoot:""} at
get "": verifying non-authoritative meta
Parsing meta tags from (status code 200) (download)
package /home/asd/Dropbox/go/src/ exists but /home/asd/Dropbox/go/src/ does not - stale checkout?

What's the correct way to fix this?

My go version: go version go1.4.1 linux/amd64

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  • dongsimang4036 2015-02-24 07:34

    I just tried:

    C:\Users\VonC\prog\go\src\\golang\lint>go get -t -v ./...

    That was enough to at least compile all dependent tools including, but not get their sources.

    For just astutil, I also tried:

    C:\Users\VonC\prog\go>go get
    C:\Users\VonC\prog\go>cd src
     Répertoire de C:\Users\VonC\prog\go\src\\x\tools\go\ast\astutil
    03/02/2015  07:41    <REP>          .
    03/02/2015  07:41    <REP>          ..
    03/02/2015  07:41            16 003 enclosing.go
    03/02/2015  07:41             4 655 enclosing_test.go
    03/02/2015  07:41             9 191 imports.go
    03/02/2015  07:41            11 035 imports_test.go
    03/02/2015  07:41               211 util.go

    If go get doesn't work, try with a fresh installation of Go 1.4.2, in a separate and clean Go workspace (meaning a different GOROOT for referencing a new installation, and a different GOPATH, for referencing an empty and fresh workspace)

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  • dtwr2012 2015-02-24 08:14

    Solution for my problem:

    cd $GOPATH/src/
    rm -rf go.*
    cd $GOPATH/src/
    rm -rf *
    go get -u -v
    go get -u -v
    go get -u -v
    go get -u -v
    go get -u -v
    go get -u -v
    go get -u -v

    Probably my fault is I go get from instead of




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