2019-03-22 10:32

安装Golang Kafka客户端(融合)时出现错误消息


I want to ask about my problem in installing confluent golang kafka client on Mac OS Mojave.

Why is there always error message while installing golang kafka client go get -u even the librdkafka already installed?

The error message:

$GOPATH/src/ could not determine kind of name for C.RD_KAFKA_RESP_ERR__FATAL
$GOPATH/src/ could not determine kind of name for C.rd_kafka_fatal_error

The librdkafka is already installed librdkafka 0.11.6 already installed.

The pkg-config version already 0.29.2.

What should i do to fix this issue?

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  • douqipi9704 douqipi9704 2年前

    Seems like an issue with the confluent-kafka-go package on master branch.

    If you use go modules and you bind the version to 0.11.6 it works.

    go 1.12:

    go get -u

    go 1.11:

    GO111MODULE=on go get -u

    If you don't have go modules, clone the package under the correct go path and checkout to tag v0.11.6.

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