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覆盖Labix mgo中的默认writeConcern

I'm using labix mgo as a mongodb driver in my Go app and I'm wondering if there is a way to override the default writeConcern for specific queries.

A few words about configuration: the replica set has three nodes - one primary and two secondaries, the writeConcern and readPreference are default. The driver uses monotonic consistency which means that all reads are done from the secondary (when it's available, otherwise - from the primary).

There might be cases when I need to read the updated data right after writing to the database - and because of the above mongo might return the old data:

// update some data
_ := collection.Update(bson.M{"_id": "some_id"}, bson.M{"key": "value"})

// the data is still not updated when I read it immediately after update
var obj interface{}
_ := collection.Find(bson.M{"_id": "some_id"}).One(&obj)

The question is: is it possible to override the default writeConcern (or default consistency of the driver) and force the driver to wait until the data is written to the secondaries OR to read from the primary for some of the queries?

Appreciate any suggestions.

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