2014-07-08 20:00
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在SDL 2中获取屏幕分辨率

I'm trying to get the native screen resolution and create a window of that size using sdl 2 ( and go. This is what I tried:

var desktop sdl.DisplayMode
sdl.GetDesktopDisplayMode(0, &desktop)
mainwindow := sdl.CreateWindow("Test App", sdl.WINDOWPOS_UNDEFINED, sdl.WINDOWPOS_UNDEFINED, desktop.W, desktop.H, sdl.WINDOW_OPENGL | sdl.WINDOW_FULLSCREEN)

When I use this the size of the resulting window is always 0, 0 what am I doing wrong?

Platform is x86_64 Linux using the X-server.

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  • duancheng6221
    duancheng6221 2014-08-05 15:49

    Try using sdl.WINDOW_FULLSCREEN_DESKTOP instead of sdl.WINDOW_FULLSCREEN. It should go fullscreen at the current resolution.

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