2014-10-21 14:39
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Hello I'm about to port my two almost working simple fuse filesystems from bazillion fuse to go-fuse. go-fuse api seems more complex. The question is:

  1. In NewServer(), which RawFileSystem to use?
  2. How to implement callbacks for read, readdir etc.?
  3. Where to use WaitMount()?
  4. What are DeleteNotify(), EntryNotify()?

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你好,我要从 bazillion保险丝进行熔断。 go-fuse api 似乎更复杂。 问题是:

  1. NewServer()中,要使用哪个RawFileSystem?
  2. 如何实现read,readdir等的回调?
  3. 在哪里使用 WaitMount()
  4. 什么是 DeleteNotify() EntryNotify()
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  • douju6651 2014-10-25 13:19

    ok i found the solutions

    1. make a struct that contains nodefs.Node:

        type my_root struct {nodefs.Node}

    initialize it

        my = &my_root{Node: nodefs.NewDefaultNode()}

    make a connection and a raw filesystem

        con := nodefs.NewFileSystemConnector(my, nil)
        raw := fuse.NewRawFileSystem(con.RawFS())

    finally, fire up the fuse fs

        server, err := fuse.NewServer(raw, f.dir, optz)
    1. like this:

      func (my_root) OpenDir(context *fuse.Context) ([]fuse.DirEntry, fuse.Status) {}
      func (my_root) Lookup(out *fuse.Attr, name string, context *fuse.Context) (node *nodefs.Inode, code fuse.Status)
    2. after step 1, like this:

    3. i didn't need this.

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