2018-11-07 20:48
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Relatively new to Go. Seems trivial, but I can't figure out how to detect the OS version. I know I can use runtime.GOOS and runtime.GOARCH to get the platform and architecture, but say I know I'm on linux but I want to find if I'm on RH6 vice RH7, etc. is what I'm trying to figure out.

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相对较新。 似乎微不足道,但我不知道如何检测操作系统版本。 我知道我可以使用 runtime.GOOS runtime.GOARCH 来获取平台和体系结构,但是说我知道我在linux上,但是我想知道是否 我想弄清楚RH6上的m和RH7等。

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  • dongqiao2077 2018-11-07 21:02

    So there's this obscure Uname method in the syscall package that basically does it, at least on Linux. The struct it fills is a bit clunky and undocumented, but you can get the gist of it:

    import (
    // A utility to convert the values to proper strings.
    func int8ToStr(arr []int8) string {
        b := make([]byte, 0, len(arr))
        for _, v := range arr {
            if v == 0x00 {
            b = append(b, byte(v))
        return string(b)
    func main() {
        var uname syscall.Utsname
        if err := syscall.Uname(&uname); err == nil {
            // extract members:
            // type Utsname struct {
            //  Sysname    [65]int8
            //  Nodename   [65]int8
            //  Release    [65]int8
            //  Version    [65]int8
            //  Machine    [65]int8
            //  Domainname [65]int8
            // }

    BTW This doesn't work on the playground, probably because of the sandbox limitations, but works on Linux. Haven't tested other systems.

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