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I want to write a test for a utility function where I use bufio.NewScanner and Scan(). I usually use it on stdout and now I want to simulate a short piece of stream where I can return some static string for the purpose of the test.

bufio.NewScanner(r io.Reader) takes a Reader but that only requires a read method. By reading the source code I couldn't figure out from which buffer it reads or how that gets passed in.

How can I mock that in a short and concise way?

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我想为使用 bufio.NewScanner 的实用程序功能编写测试 <代码>扫描()。 我通常在 stdout 上使用它,现在我想模拟一小段流,可以出于测试目的返回一些静态字符串。

< code> bufio.NewScanner(r io.Reader)使用 Reader ,但是只需要 read 方法。 通过阅读源代码,我无法弄清它从哪个缓冲区读取或如何传递该缓冲区。


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