2014-08-28 06:11
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去通道以空结构作为输入。 这个输入可以是什么吗?

a := make(chan struct{})

Such this, go channel take empty struct as input. Can this input be anything?


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  • dsvjw20866
    dsvjw20866 2014-08-28 06:12

    No: it can be an empty struct (struct{}{}), not "anything"

    To be "anything", you would need interface{}.

    As I explain in "Go Golang : anonymous struct and empty struct", an empty struct is useful to pass an object of size... 0! It is a good way to signal the completion that something has happened.

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  • dtz55359
    dtz55359 2014-08-29 01:48

    struct{} is much like the unit type in other languages; it only has one value with no information. The values you get from such a channel would contain no information, but such a channel could be used for signalling when some event happened. A goroutine receiving from that channel would wake up whenever something is sent to it.

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