2012-01-13 07:31
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Google App Engine Go-Python / Java混合应用程序

Can one write a hybrid Go-Python/Java application and run it on Google App Engine as one application, or do they need to be split into two apps and communicate with each other through HTTP calls? Is there any tutorial or example on something like this being done?

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可以编写一个混合的Go-Python / Java应用程序并作为一个应用程序在Google App Engine上运行吗? 他们需要分为两个应用程序并通过HTTP调用相互通信吗? 是否有关于此类操作的任何教程或示例?

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  • duanbinian2243 2012-01-13 07:41

    You can deploy several "versions" of the same application at once. Each version will be accessible using a fully qualified URL, and they can all be in different languages.

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