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Golang Excel文件读取

I'm using tealeg xlsx library to read an excel file https://github.com/tealeg/xlsx . They have documentation here https://godoc.org/github.com/tealeg/ . It works perfectly fine if I call the OpenFile() by local directory, but I wanted to use an http.Request.FormFile() return object which is of type multipart.Form. How do I use this file to be read by the tealeg package?

Tealeg's OpenReaderAt() looks like something I should use, but the multipart. Form object returned from http.Request.FormFile() returns a file interface but I'm not sure how to access the readerAt object? https://golang.org/pkg/mime/multipart/#File

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我正在使用tealeg xlsx库读取Excel文件 https://github.com/tealeg/xlsx 。 他们在 https://godoc.org/github.com/tealeg/ 中提供了文档。 如果我通过本地目录调用 OpenFile(),它工作得很好,但是我想使用 http.Request.FormFile()返回对象,其类型为 multipart.Form 。 我如何使用tealeg包读取此文件?

Tealeg的 OpenReaderAt()看起来应该使用,但是要分多个部分。 从 http.Request.FormFile()返回的Form对象返回文件接口,但是我不确定如何访问readerAt对象? https://golang.org/pkg/mime/multipart/#File

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