2019-08-06 06:32

如何将Go-cross添加到Yocto SDK? 还是在其他计算机上编译Go for Yocto?


I have been using the Yocto SDK to compile C and C++ code for Yocto so that every machine does not need the 150GB+ Bitbake environment. Yocto version is 2.4 (Rocko)

Now I would like to have the same functionality for Golang, but I can't figure out how to do it.

If I'm on the Bitbake machine, I can call the binary arm-arch-gnueabi-go binary found under the directory tmp/work/x86_64-linux/go-cross-arm/ to compile code. But if I copy those binaries to another machine, it links to libraries with hard-coded paths on the Bitbake machine so that won't work.

Is there a way to include arm-arch-gnueabi-go in the SDK when I run populate_sdk on the image? Or is there another easy way to compile Go for the target on other machines?

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  • dongmaopan5738 dongmaopan5738 2年前

    You can add the following lines in local.conf file or image recipe:

    TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK_append = " \
        packagegroup-go-cross-canadian-${MACHINE} \
    TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append = " \
        ${@multilib_pkg_extend(d, 'packagegroup-go-sdk-target')} \
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