2018-07-26 09:55
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I was looking at NewScanner in the official go docs and it mentions the parameter to be passed to bufio.NewScanner should be of type io.Reader. However, the following works for me:

file, err := os.Open("filename")
scanner := bufio.NewScanner(file)

The same can be seen for os.Stdin as well. Given this what is the difference between os.File, os.Stdin and io.Reader ? Are they interchangeable?

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我正在查看 NewScanner ,其中提到要传递给 bufio.NewScanner 的参数应为 io.Reader 类型 。 但是,以下内容对我有用:

  file,err:= os.Open(“ filename”)
scanner:= bufio.NewScanner(file)

对于 os.Stdin 也可以看到相同的结果。 鉴于此, os.File os.Stdin io.Reader 之间有什么区别? 它们可以互换吗?

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