2018-01-06 04:52
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无法在docker / bin / sh内部运行go程序:<程序>:未找到

I'm building my go program in WSL (bash on windows), mounting the output folder as a volume in a centos docker container and attempting to run the program. When attempting to run the program like so:

docker exec -it <container-instance> /bin/sh
# ./<program-name>

I get:

/bin/sh: ./<program-name>: not found

What gives?

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  • dongyong2906 2018-01-06 04:53

    Initially, I thought that the problem was because I was compiling the go program for the wrong architecture. It was being compiled for amd64. When I tried compiling it for 386 (with GOARCH=386) it seemed to start up. On further investigation, the container was running centos 64 bit (checked using uname -m and getconf LONG_BIT). Finally the solution that worked is setting CGO_ENABLED=0 before compiling (see here)

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