duangan6731 2017-01-13 04:27
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找不到https://github.com/mbanzon/simplehttp golang模块。 哪里去了?

I was debugging some golang code and found that mbanzon/simplehttp library has been used for http operation but this library does not exist on github anymore.

Is this module became the part of golang core libraries? Any pointers?

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  • duancheng3342 2017-01-14 13:04

    Sorry to cause this trouble.

    I've found the old code and restored the repository (I don't have the original commits/history so a single commit of the latest state must do).

    I hope this helps.

    I initially did a sweep to see if anyone outside used the library and when I didn't find any I removed it - I now rely on https://github.com/mbanzon/walgo on a day-to-day basis.

    The library was originally created to be used with https://github.com/mailgun/mailgun-go - changes to that library made simplehttp obsolete and I started using the walgo library (focusing on request verification etc.).

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