2016-02-11 21:11
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Gorilla WebSocket WriteMessage错误-Go Lang

I am currently experimenting with Gorilla WebSocket package. When sending a message using WriteMessage, if an error is returned, what should I do? Should I start the Closing Handshake or assume that if there is a problem it will be caught using the ReadMessage method and simply log the error?

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我目前正在尝试使用Gorilla WebSocket软件包。 使用 WriteMessage 发送消息时 返回错误,我该怎么办? 我应该开始关闭握手还是假设是否有问题, 将使用 ReadMessage 方法捕获,并且 只需记录错误?

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  • duanjie3267
    duanjie3267 2016-02-11 21:35

    If WriteMessage returns an error, then the application should close the connection. This releases resources used by the connection and causes the reader to return with an error.

    It is not possible to send a closing handshake after WriteMessage returns an error. If WriteMessage returns an error, then all subsequent writes will also return an error.

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