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I'm trying to setup relation between two models on PostgreSQL database using Go and gorm.

Here is my code, first model:


package model

import "github.com/jinzhu/gorm"

// Trip models
type Trip struct {
    TripName        string
    TripDescription string

Second model:


package model

import "github.com/jinzhu/gorm"

// TripKeyPoint models
type TripKeyPoint struct {
    KPName        string
    KPDescription string
    TripID        Trip

Part of code from a file which runs migrations and initializes all

    db.DropTableIfExists(&User{}, &model.Trip{}, &model.TripKeyPoint{})
    db.AutoMigrate(&User{}, &model.Trip{}, &model.TripKeyPoint{})
    db.Model(&model.TripKeyPoint{}).AddForeignKey("trip_id", "trips(id)", "CASCADE", "CASCADE")

Users models is just an addon but I leave it in this snippet. Due to many tests, I drop tables at the beginning.

Here is what I receive when i run the code:

?[33m[2019-09-21 18:40:34]?[0m ?[31;1m pq: column "trip_id" referenced in foreign key constraint does not exist ?[0m

And yeah that's true, when I log into postgres in table trip_key_points there isn't column with a foreign key.

What I need to do, I want to have one TRIP object and then assign other TripKeyPoints.

Any idea what why? Or how can I force GORM to create this column?

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