2019-03-10 11:07
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在Visual Studio Code for Go中自动完成括号

While using of Visual Studio Code I've noticed that when I write function from autocomlete it never autocomlete with parentheses. For example:

fmt. //now select a function Print(a ...interface{}) from autocomplete

fmt.Print //why the  parenthesehas have not been inserted automaticaly?

Is it always so in VS code or it is somehow related to the golang setting for VS code? Is there a way how to fix that?

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在使用Visual Studio Code时,我注意到当我从自动完成功能编写函数时,它永远不会用括号自动完成功能。 例如:

  fmt。  //现在从自动完成功能中选择一个函数Print(a ... interface {})
fmt.Print //为什么没有自动插入括号?
 <  p>在VS代码中是否总是如此,还是与VS代码的golang设置相关? 有没有办法解决这个问题? 
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  • duanji9677 2019-03-10 11:35

    In your VSCode settings (JSON) add the following line;

    "go.useCodeSnippetsOnFunctionSuggest": true

    Or if you are viewing your preferences/settings as the UI version, search for useCodeSnippetsOnFunctionSuggest and set it to true. This will

    • Add parentheses to the tailing end of function names.
    • Complete function suggestions with parameter signatures, including the variable types.

    There is also the setting of go.useCodeSnippetsOnFunctionSuggestWithoutType which does the same, but omits the variable types.

    You need the Visual Studio Code (Microsoft maintained) Go extension installed which can be found here.

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