2019-01-20 14:41
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go run and go build are not geting dependencies.

What I did:

  • I have done a go get of a package, it fetched it, and its dependencies, and build it. (all is good)
  • I run its command-line example program. (all is good)
  • I then created a new program based on this example, and go run it. (all is good)
  • Then copied this example program, and go run it. ( get a dependency error ).


#↳ go version
go version go1.11.4 linux/amd64

#↳ echo $GOPATH

#↳ go get -u

#↳ cp -T $GOPATH/src/ my-mustache.go

#↳ go build -v my-mustache.go
my-mustache.go:8:2: cannot find package "" in any of:
    /usr/local/go/src/ (from $GOROOT)
    /go/src/ (from $GOPATH)

I can see why it is not already installed: it was in a vendor sub-directory of the original source code. But why does it not install, when I build?

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运行 go build 不是


  • 我已经完成了一个软件包的获取,它 获取它及其依赖项并进行构建。 (一切都很好)
  • 我运行其命令行示例程序。 (一切都很好)
  • 然后我根据此示例创建了一个新程序,并 go run 。 (一切都很好)
  • 然后复制了此示例程序,并开始运行。 (获取依赖项错误)。

     #↳go version 
    go version go1.11.4 linux  / amd64 
    #↳echo $ GOPATH 
     / home / ???? / + Files / workshops / programming / golang / gopath 
    #↳go -u。  .. 
    #↳cp -T $ GOPATH / src / / cbroglie / mustache / cmd / mustache / main.go my-mustache.go 
    #↳建立-v my-mustache。  go 
     /usr/local/go/src/来自$ GOROOT  )
     /go/src/来自$ GOPATH)

    我可以看到为什么尚未安装它:它在 原始源代码的供应商子目录。 但是,为什么在我构建时不安装?

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  • dpicx06888 2019-01-20 15:55

    Check first your $GOPATH/bin folder: a go get -u should already have compiled and installed all relevant binaries in it.

    The README mentions:

    To install mustache.go, simply run go get

    It looks like the mustache package is installed and working.
    However when I try to build the cli example, it needs another package, if I go get it then all is well, however I was expecting go build to install all needed packages.
    Am I wrong?

    go build itself won't install dependencies, so you need to go get it, or activate go 1.11 modules and declare that dependencies in your new program modules.

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