2017-09-26 20:59

Golang后端到javascript JSON解析

I am using the gorilla websocket library for golang: http://www.gorillatoolkit.org/pkg/websocket

This is the code I am using to create the websocket connection:

conn, err := upgrader.Upgrade(w, r, nil)

Having an issue with sending JSON from golang to javascript. I can get it working but have to do what seem to be unnecessary steps. Here is the basics of the golang backend that does not work:

    type clientDB struct{
         ChunksWritten int64
         ChunksRead int64
         BytesWritten   int64
         BytesRead    int64
         DataBytesWritten int64
         DataBytesRead    int64
         ActivePeers   int
         TotalPeers    int
         TorrentHashString string

fullClientDB := new(clientDB) //creating a new clientDB struct

b, err := json.Marshal(fullClientDB)
        if err != nil {


When I use JSON.parse in javascript I get the following response:

var clientUpdate = JSON.parse(evt.data);


I can get it working making the following changes:


Then in javascript I actually parse the data TWICE.

var clientUpdate = JSON.parse(evt.data);
var clientUpdateJSON = JSON.parse(clientUpdate);

After that I can access the data correctly as a JSON object. Is there something I'm missing about sending JSON objects from golang to javascript over websockets?

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  • duan051347 duan051347 4年前

    The gorilla websocket package automatically encodes to JSON so using the standard library to encode as well was just encoding it twice, causing it to show up as base64.

    Thanks guys!

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