2015-09-16 17:45
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Golang IMAP:将邮件移动到另一个文件夹

I'm lost on where to look in the references to accomplish this; I've tried several iterations of code and each fails. Slightly edited, but enough to get the gist...

// Make connection
imConnection, err := imap.DialTLS(strAddress, nil)

// Defer disconnect
defer func(){

// Authenticate
imConnection.Login(strUname, strPass)

//Select the folder with messages I want to move
imConnection.Select(`[Gmail]\Movethese`, false)

// Create a set
set, _ = imap.NewSeqSet("1:*")

// It's my understanding that moving messages means copying them over, then
// deleting the original messages?
cmd, _ := imConnection.UIDCopy(set, `[Gmail]\Destination`)

This seems to silently fail. This to me looked like it should select everything in the "Movethese" folder and copy them to "Destination." What am I missing in properly copying them over? Is there a simple way to move individual messages that match a certain subject line string?

Also I wasn't sure if the source directory would have to be set to False for R/W when selected, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

This is importing the github.com/mxk/go-imap/imap package

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我不知道在哪里可以找到引用来完成此操作; 我尝试了几次代码迭代,但每次都失败。 稍作编辑,但足以获得要点...

imConnection,错误:= imap.DialTLS(strAddress,nil)
 // 延迟断开连接
defer func(){
 imConnection.Logout(30 * time.Second)
 // Authenticate 
 //选择包含消息的文件夹 我想移动
imConnection.Select(`[Gmail] \ Movethese`,false)
set,_ = imap.NewSeqSet(“ 1:*”)
 // 我的理解是,移动邮件意味着要复制它们,然后
cmd,_:= imConnection.UIDCopy(set,`[Gmail] \ Destination`)

这似乎无声地失败了。 在我看来,这应该选择“ Movethese”文件夹中的所有内容并将其复制到“ Destination”。 在正确复制它们时我缺少什么? 是否有一种简单的方法来移动与特定主题行字符串匹配的单个消息?

而且我不确定在以下情况下是否必须将源目录设置为False 选择,但似乎没有什么不同。

这将导入 github.com/mxk/go-imap/imap包

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  • dongque8332 2015-09-17 13:00

    Try to add error checking to the two commands that name mailboxes; the backslash is a special character in source code so I expect gmail is giving you an error such as No such mailbox: [Gmail]Movethese.

    Handling errors is generally a good idea, particularly in cases such as this, when you know there is an error somewhere.

    BTW, the copy/delete sequence is a bit oldfashioned. Most IMAP servers support UID MOVE as an atomic command these days, and IIRC gmail is among the supporters. Can't check now, though, so don't trust me.

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