2019-08-08 14:22
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Let's say this map is s.S.Data, it shows that the length of the map is 2, but just displays nothing. When I add expression s.S in WATCH area, it displays correctly. screenshot

there is the sample:

package main

import (

type Some struct {
    ID   int
    Data map[string]string
    S    *Some

func Print(s Some) {
    var t Some
    t = s // Breakpoint
    if t.S != nil {

func main() {
    s := Some{
        ID: 2333,
        Data: map[string]string{
            "1": "A",
            "2": "B",
    ss := Some{
        ID: 7777,
        S:  &s,
    fmt.Println("Hello, playground")

Is there any way to make it display correctly in VARIABLES area?

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  • drkwpgrdb092239314 2019-08-09 04:14

    tl;dr: set go.delveConfig.dlvLoadConfig.maxVariableRecurse other than 1.

    More detail:

    Open preferences and type delve and then press Edit in settings.json.

    (note: if you choose User tab it will be applied to all VSCode projects, otherwise it will only be applied to this project.)

    enter image description here

    After that settings.json will be opened with empty JSON object. Write down go.d and then there should be autocompletion for go.delveConfig popping up.enter image description here

    By pressing enter, you'll get a boilerplate setting for delve, which is a GoLang debugger used by VSCode. Edit the value of "maxVariableRecurse" key other than 1 and then you will be able to see the deeper variables.

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