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I have a Request object in golang, and I would like to feed the contents of this object through a net.Conn as part of the task of a proxy. I want to call something like

req, err := http.ReadRequest(bufio.NewReader(conn_to_client))
conn_to_remote_server.Write(... ? ... )

but I have no idea what I would be passing in as the arguments. Any advice would be appreciated.

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我在golang中有一个Request对象,我想通过一个net来馈送该对象的内容。 作为代理任务的一部分。 我想调用类似</ p>

  req,err:= http.ReadRequest(bufio.NewReader(conn_to_client))
conn_to_remote_server.Write之类的东西 (...?...)
 </ code> </ pre> 

,但我不知道将作为参数传递什么。 任何建议将不胜感激。</ p> </ div>

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