2016-01-11 21:27


  • jenkins

I try to setup CI for Go app and Jenkins. Jenkins Go Plugin has been installed, it gets correct version of Go(currently it's 1.5.2).

Currently I have next:

  1. Test repository with simple app

  2. Jenkins with installed Go Plugin(on VPS, Ubuntu 14.04, x86)

  3. For build in Jenkins added as build step next:

    cd src/main go build main.go

As result in artifacts existing 2 files - main.go(sources) and main (executable) for linux x86. If i use as build command go build main.go -o server error received: "named files must be .go files". So, my questions are

  1. If my app will contain much more code file, packages etc. should i still build it as go build main.go?
  2. How correctly give name for go build output file to add it to the artifacts?
  3. Should i use some kind of make file/script etc to collect dependencies on build machine? What is best practice here?
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