2015-12-11 13:04



Currently I'm doing a project in Golang which need to call to Python.

In Python it's a library of singleton-like instance.

But I can't modify those library because It's too complicated. (for me)

Most thing I can do is wrap it with my own Python script.

So I'm finding a way to create multiple Python interpreter in Go.

Or maybe multiple sub-interpreter in Python.

Which mean I can create many python instance(same application).

Any ways I can do this?

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  • dpxnrx11199 dpxnrx11199 6年前

    As Chris Townsend and pie-o-pah said,

    Trying to implement sub-interpreter is much more complicate.

    Try to create the language interface is make senses to my case.

    In this situation os/exec is the way to go.

    And can even create ssh to remote my python module if my main server is overload.

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