2018-05-02 14:24
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Go vs Swift中的UTF8字符串长度和索引

I have apps in Go and Swift which process strings, such as finding substrings and their indices. At first it worked nicely even with multi-byte characters (e.g. emojis), using to Go's utf8.RuneCountInString() and Swift's native String.

But there are some UTF8 characters that break the string length and indices for substrings, e.g. a string "Lorem

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  • duan5731
    duan5731 2018-05-02 14:47

    In Swift a Character is an “extended grapheme cluster,” and each of "

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  • down123321123
    down123321123 2018-05-02 14:39

    A rune in Go identifies a specific UTF-8 code point; that does not necessarily mean it maps 1:1 to visually distinct characters. Some characters may be made up of multiple runes/code points, therefor counting runes may not give you what you'd expect from a visual inspection of the string. I don't know what "some text".count actually counts in Swift so I can't offer any comparison there.

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