2016-07-08 21:07


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I was just wondering why these brackets haven't been removed after running go fmt, does their use have a function?

package main

import "fmt"

func main() {

    fmt.Println("Hello, 世界")




Example here, thanks.

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  • dongmei2002 dongmei2002 5年前

    Brackets on their own denote code Blocks. From the spec:

    A block is a possibly empty sequence of declarations and statements within matching brace brackets.

    These are part of the Go syntax, and go fmt formats them according the its formatting rules.

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  • duanmaifu3428 duanmaifu3428 5年前

    They basically function like an internal namespace, so any definition(s) you put in between an encapsulating brace will not be visible outside of it.

    // ... other code above ...
      a := 5 // declare a
    a = 5 // compiler error, a is undeclared

    And plus formatting tools such as gofmt or autopep8 (for python) do not modify a given file beyond adding/removing whitespace or newline characters to already existing code.

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