2016-12-28 05:49
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I am a novice in golang and I am writing a client-server application through the TCP protocol. I need to make a temporary connection, which will close after a couple of seconds. I don't understand how to do that.
I have a such function, which creates a connection and waits for gob data:

    func net_AcceptAppsList(timesleep time.Duration) {
        ln, err := net.Listen("tcp", ":"+conf.PORT)
        conn, err := ln.Accept()
        dec := gob.NewDecoder(conn)
        pack := map[string]string{}
        err = dec.Decode(&pack)
        fmt.Println("Message:", pack)

I need to make this function to wait for data for only some seconds - not forever.

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  • dongpi2503 2016-12-28 13:52

    Use SetDeadline or SetReadDeadline

    From the net.Conn docs

        // SetDeadline sets the read and write deadlines associated
        // with the connection. It is equivalent to calling both
        // SetReadDeadline and SetWriteDeadline.
        // A deadline is an absolute time after which I/O operations
        // fail with a timeout (see type Error) instead of
        // blocking. The deadline applies to all future I/O, not just
        // the immediately following call to Read or Write.
        // An idle timeout can be implemented by repeatedly extending
        // the deadline after successful Read or Write calls.
        // A zero value for t means I/O operations will not time out.
        SetDeadline(t time.Time) error
        // SetReadDeadline sets the deadline for future Read calls.
        // A zero value for t means Read will not time out.
        SetReadDeadline(t time.Time) error
        // SetWriteDeadline sets the deadline for future Write calls.
        // Even if write times out, it may return n > 0, indicating that
        // some of the data was successfully written.
        // A zero value for t means Write will not time out.
        SetWriteDeadline(t time.Time) error

    If you want the Accept call to timeout, you can use the TCPListener.SetDeadline method.


    Optionally, you could have a timer call Close() or CloseRead() on the connection, or Close() on the net.Listener, but that won't leave you with the cleaner timeout error.

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  • dongyu5482 2016-12-29 16:28

    As @JimB said in comments, we need to use another listener - net.TCPListener, which have method SetDeadline, setting the connection lifetime, while the standart net.Listener doesn't have it.

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