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I tried to using database/sql for query database row into a Go type, my codes snippet following:

type User struct {
    user_id     int64
    user_name   string
    user_mobile string
    password    string
    email       interface{}
    nickname    string
    level       byte
    locked      bool
    create_time string
    comment     string  // convert <nil> to *string error 

func TestQueryUser(t *testing.T) {
    db := QueryUser(driverName, dataSourceName)

    stmtResults, err := db.Prepare(queryAll)
    defer stmtResults.Close()

    var r *User = new(User)

    arr := []interface{}{
        &r.user_id, &r.user_name, &r.user_mobile, &r.password, &,
        &r.nickname, &r.level, &r.locked, &r.create_time, &r.comment,

    err = stmtResults.QueryRow(username).Scan(arr...)

    if err != nil {



MySQL: enter image description here

As your see, some fields that has NULL value, so I have to set interface{} type into User struct of Go, which convert NULL to nil.

--- FAIL: TestQueryUser (0.00s)
        user_test.go:48: sql: Scan error on column index 9: unsupported Scan, storing driver.Value type <nil> into type *string

Somebody has a better way? or I must change the MySQL field and set its DEFAULT ' '

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  • doubinduo3364 2016-04-18 10:31

    First the short answer : There is some types in sql package for example sql.NullString (for nullable string in your table and guess Nullint64 and NullBool and ... usage :) ) and you should use them in your struct.

    The long one : There is two interface for this available in go , first is Scanner and the other is Valuer for any special type in database, (for example,I use this mostly with JSONB in postgres) you need to create a type, and implement this two(or one of them) interface on that type.

    the scanner is used when you call Scan function. the data from the database driver, normally in []byte is the input and you are responsible for handling it. the other one, is used when the value is used as input in query. the result "normally" is a slice of byte (and an error) if you need to only read data, Scanner is enough, and vice-versa, if you need to write parameter in query the Valuer is enough

    for an example of implementation, I recommend to see the types in sql package.

    Also there is an example of a type to use with JSONB/JSON type in postgresql

    // GenericJSONField is used to handle generic json data in postgres
    type GenericJSONField map[string]interface{}
    // Scan convert the json field into our type
    func (v *GenericJSONField) Scan(src interface{}) error {
        var b []byte
        switch src.(type) {
        case []byte:
            b = src.([]byte)
        case string:
            b = []byte(src.(string))
        case nil:
            b = make([]byte, 0)
            return errors.New("unsupported type")
        return json.Unmarshal(b, v)
    // Value try to get the string slice representation in database
    func (v GenericJSONField) Value() (driver.Value, error) {
        return json.Marshal(v)

    driver value is often []byte but string and nil is acceptable. so this could handle null-able fields too.

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