2015-11-29 05:08
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Golang MongoDb GridFs测试

I have a rest API implemented using Gorilla Mux in Golang. This API uploads/downloads files from MongoDb GridFs. I want to write integration tests for my API.
Is there a embedded MongoDb package with GridFs support in Go? How do we test APIs using GridFs? Do we need to test against a real MongoDB?
Java seems to have such a library

As part of the test, I would like to start embedded MongoDB and stop it at the end of the test.

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我在Golang中使用Gorilla Mux实现了REST API。 该API从MongoDb GridFs上传/下载文件。 我想为我的API编写集成测试。
Go中是否有一个带有 GridFs支持嵌入式MongoDb 包? 我们如何使用GridF测试API?


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  • doutenglou6588 2015-11-29 12:36

    There is no embedded MongoDB for Go as far as I am aware of.

    What I do is to use mgo's own gopkg.in/mgo.v2/dbtest which you can install as usual with

    go get -u "gopkg.in/mgo.v2/dbtest"

    Although it requires a mongod inside your $PATH, the dbtest takes care of all the rest.

    You get a server with

    package StackOverflowTests
    import (
    func TestFoo(t *testing.T) {
        d, _ := ioutil.TempDir(os.TempDir(), "mongotools-test")
        server := dbtest.DBServer{}
        // Note that the server will be started automagically
        session := server.Session()
        // Insert data programmatically as needed
        // Do your testing stuff
        // Whatever tests you do
        // We can not use "defer session.Close()" because...
        // ... "server.Wipe()" will panic if there are still connections open
        // for example because you did a .Copy() on the
        // original session in your code. VERY useful!
        // Tear down the server

    Note that you neither have to define an IP or port, which are provided automagically (a free open port in the non-reserved range of localhost is used).

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