duanmei1694 2016-01-30 13:54
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如何在Windows中的Sublime Text 3中设置Gosublime?

The main problem here is .. that i have installed the package control and also the gosublime plugin but it is not working also it is not working in the command promt when i type go it gives info proving that the go is installed correctly in path i am actually trying to use a seprator to set paths for go and java simultaneously which i might be doing wrong


Now in sublime text 3 i am receiving an error as

MarGo: Missing required environment variables: GOPATH | > See the Quirks section of USAGE.md for info

I went through this but it didnt help me

Sublime Text: "MarGo: Missing required environment variables: GOPATH"

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  • duanjian3338 2016-01-30 14:19

    You have to set the GOPATH environment variable to something like d:\myprojects\go. That's where your code and libraries will be stored.

    Your code should be located in a folder like d:\myprojects\go\src\github.com\pandey\coolproject.

    Relevant section from the docs:


    Test your installation

    Check that Go is installed correctly by setting up a workspace and building a simple program, as follows.

    Create a directory to contain your workspace, $HOME/work for example, and set the GOPATH environment variable to point to that location.

    $ export GOPATH=$HOME/work You should put the above command in your shell startup script ($HOME/.profile for example) or, if you use Windows, follow the instructions above to set the GOPATH environment variable on your system.

    Next, make the directories src/github.com/user/hello inside your workspace (if you use GitHub, substitute your user name for user), and inside the hello directory create a file named hello.go with the following contents:



    See the Go docs for more details, especially on how to do it on windows: https://golang.org/doc/install

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