2018-07-01 03:32
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My golang version is go1.10.2 linux/amd64. I can build and run my go project(under gopath/src) without any problem but I cannot see vendor directory under my project folder. I would like to know if the vendor folder is a hidden directory? What are the possible reasons the vendor folder is not generated?

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我的golang版本是go1.10.2 linux / amd64。 我可以毫无问题地构建和运行go项目(在gopath / src下),但在我的项目文件夹下看不到供应商目录。 我想知道供应商文件夹是否为隐藏目录? 不能生成vendor文件夹的可能原因是什么?

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  • drg14799 2018-07-01 04:16

    Vendor directory is used as an alternative to GOPATH when resolving dependencies. A dependency is first looked up in /vendor then in GOPATH then in GOROOT.

    If you go get all your dependencies they'll be in GOPATH/src instead of /vendor.

    To start adding project specific dependencies to vendor dir you need to use a dependency manager such as glide or dep or manually copy everything to /vendor.

    This SO answer goes into more detail on using vendor dir in Go - https://stackoverflow.com/a/37238226/1589165

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