2016-06-15 09:30
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After discussion with college, I wonder if it would be possible (even if completely does not make any sense) to deallocate memory manually in go (ie. by using unsafe package). Is it?

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  • donjd86266
    donjd86266 2016-06-15 10:00

    Here is a thread that may interest you: Add runtime.Free() for GOGC=off

    Interesting part:

    The Go GC does not have the ability to manually deallocate blocks anymore. And besides, runtime. Free is unsafe (people might free still in use pointers or double free) and then all sorts of C memory problem that Go tries hard to get rid of will come back. The other reason is that runtime sometimes allocates behind your back and there is no way for the program to explicitly free memory.

    If you really want to manually manage memory with Go, implement your own memory allocator based on syscall.Mmap or cgo malloc/free.

    Disabling GC for extended period of time is generally a bad solution for a concurrent language like Go. And Go's GC will only be better down the road.

    TL;DR: Yes, but don't do it

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