2016-06-05 19:27
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How do I convert full width characters into ascii characters in golang. The input in my program is full width numbers and I need to run some computations on them, so I assume I have to write a convert function like below, Before I start mapping bytes and such I was wondering if this is indeed available in the standard go library

expected := "123"
func convert(input string) string {
// body

expected == convert(fullWidth)

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如何在golang中将全角字符转换为ASCII字符。 我程序中的输入是全角数字,因此我需要对它们进行一些计算,因此我假设我必须编写如下转换函数,然后再开始映射字节,因此我想知道标准中是否确实可用 进入库

  fullWidth:=“ 123” 
expected:=“ 123” 
func convert(输入字符串)字符串{
 // body 
expected  == convert(fullWidth)
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  • dsj2014 2016-06-05 19:45

    You can use the width.Transformer of the package to do the transformation but the standard library does not have this functionality. x/text is one of many official sub-repositories which have weaker compatibility requirements (see here).


    package main
    import (
    func main() {
        s := "123"
        n := width.Narrow.String(s)
        fmt.Printf("%U: %s
    ", []rune(s), s)
        fmt.Printf("%U: %s
    ", []rune(n), n)
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